About Us


Musicians for Charities’ (MFC) mission is to change the world with music by raising awareness and money for global issues affecting children around the world.


I chose music as the catalyst for change because it has always played an important role in my life. I enjoy playing, listening, and even creating music. I play a range of instruments from classical piano and flute, to the keyboard and guitar in a rock band. Moreover, I believe music is unique because it connects us all; bridging cultures, genders, and generations. MFC allows me to leverage my skills and passion to help others. The basic concept is to organize concerts showcasing up-and-coming musicians and raising money through ticket sales, donations and sponsor ships.

Anisha Advani



Musicians for Charities Board of Advisors include family and close friends, who have tirelessly guided us in setting up Musicians for Charities and delivering our services.

listed alphabetically

  • Rajiv Advani, Anisha’s Dad, Consultant
  • Renu Advani, Anisha’s Mom, Consultant
  • Mike Moyer – Professor & Entrepreneur
  • Ashish Prasad, Attorney & UNICEF’s BOD
  • Sapan Shahani, CEO & Entrepreneur